CADENCE origin. Latincadentia : 1) a rhythmic sequence or flow of sounds in language and music, 2) a musical chord sequence or melodic configuration moving to a harmonic close or point of rest and giving the sense of  repose or resolution, 3) the modulated and rhythmic recurrence of a sound, especially in nature. *miriam webster dictionary

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offers personalized Integrative Sound and Music health and healing programs for children and adults. Improving and maintaining our clients’ physical, emotional and spiritual well-being is not just our profession; it is a devotion.

The Sound and Music healing modalities and protocols that we employ are those which are carefully assessed to be what is best suited and congruent to each individual’s needs. Please feel free to peruse our website, and by all means contact us for any inquiries regarding our services.

The power of music to integrate and cure. . . is quite fundamental. It is the profoundest nonchemical medication.” – Oliver Sacks, Awakenings